Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home DLC introduces sweet idols

Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home, an ero-FPS, is releasing idol-themed DLC where players can train their female allies in the way of the idol.

Called Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home Charm Song, the DLC will allow players to train their female allies along with newcomer Einomaru to help vanquish the dead through song and dance.

The original Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home had similarities to Left 4 Dead as players must gun down zombies and monsters, and free their three AI partners from said monsters who stun them.

Players could also build relationships with their female comrades and eventually do other things with them.

The story courtesy of the official Steam page:

Several weeks following the events of SOD: SH. just as peace was finally starting to return to Home Town, Einomaru went missing during a patrol.
Fearing the presence of a new enemy, the protag and his team set out on a search and rescue mission to find her.
However, what they found was their missing girl mesmerizing a horde of Zs with her skillful song and dance!

Despite having fended off the zombies up until now, it was clear a menacing new type of mob is making its way toward Home Town.
Their only way out of this desperate situation, is to charm their enemies using the power of song.
Thus began their journey into idoldom…to protect the surviving human race!

Players will give their budding idols dance lessons, take them to live gigs, and perform other work. The DLC has four difficulty levels, 10 new weapons, and over 20 new items to collect.

Here’s the vibrant and musical PV:

Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home Charm Song will launch on Steam come November 17th.



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