Salt and Sacrifice release date is set for May 2022

Salt and Sacrifice release date

Co-developers Ska Studios and Devoured Studios announced the Salt and Sacrifice release date is set for May 2022.

While the Salt and Sacrifice release date is set for May 10th, the game will be available for Windows PC (Exclusively via the Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

Here’s a new trailer:

Here’s a rundown on the game:

In the decaying Altarstone Kingdom, twisted Mages spread corruption through the land. As chaos descends, only the Marked Inquisitors – doomed warriors condemned to fight – can hope to halt the Mages and their wicked Magic. March through the Western boundary of Altarstone, hunting and destroying Mages before turning remains into powerful weapons and armor. Cast runic arts upon each weapon, manipulating energy to channel abilities like shockwaves towards foes.

Choose from eight starting classes, like the stalwart Fighter, the pious Cleric, and the erudite Sage, and customize their appearance as well as the crime that led them to this hellish fate. Traverse the realm, clashing steel against the scavengers, guardians, and other strange creatures that stand in the Marked Inquisitor’s way. Fight alone or team up with another Inquisitor for a full online co-op adventure or summon a temporary ally in online quick play sessions.

However, summoning comes at a cost. Calling forth brothers and sisters-in-arms also places a target on the summoner, letting fiends from other tenebrous worlds wreak havoc. Fortunately, factions exist to share the burden among like-minded Inquisitors. Join the ranks of the Shroud Alliance, a violent band who revel in glorious PvP combat against fellow Marked Inquisitors or heed the Dawnlight Order’s call, serving as a trustworthy knight always willing to lend a hand.

Salt and Sacrifice entices adventurers with a brutal single-player campaign rife with features inspired by popular soulslike titles. Master satisfying and challenging combat, explore a dark world inspired by Scandinavian folklore and uncover a wealth of armor and weapons. Engage in high-stakes PvP combat to create an unforgettable experience full of excitement, trials, and triumph, or utilize a password system to limit online interactions to friends only.

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