Roblox is updating its material system


Roblox continues on its path to being a cultural juggernaut in the online sphere with a newly announced materials system.

The developer announced after a beta period they’ll roll out a new update that will upgrade the materials system, allowing for better-looking surfaces. This update to textures will also allow for enhancements to physics on the surfaces as well.

This update will allow for more realistic use of materials which Product Director Josh Anon noted in a new blogpost:

“For example, if you’re driving a car, the rubber material of the tires should behave as you would expect depending on the surface they’re on—they might skid on wet asphalt or get stuck in the mud. ”

He added, “Ceators could replace our built-in brick material with their own custom anime-styled brick, making it easy to achieve unique visual styles for their experience.”

This will be a major step forward for the technology of Roblox and Anon hopes this will be a major step in making the game feel like a “living, breathing world”

The Roblox Team is committed to creating the tools to allow developers to craft their own experiences within their game and ensure that developers have all the tools to bring these visions to life.

Roblox has been available for Windows PC, Xbox One, iOS, and Android.



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