RimWorld Console Edition officially announced, releases in July


Ludeon Studios and Double Eleven have officially announced that RimWorld is making its way to consoles soon.

The beloved colony management sim has been available on Windows PC, Linux, and Mac via GOG and Steam since 2018 following a highly successful Early Access release. RimWorld will be making its console debut on July 29th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Preorders are available now for $39.99.

RimWorld‘s impending console release was invertedly leaked earlier this year when the game was refused classification in Australia. The applicant on the listing was Double Eleven Limited, a studio known for porting a variety of indie games to consoles, seemingly all but confirming that a console release for RimWorld was in the works.

RimWorld being refused classification led to the game being temporarily removed from the Steam store in Australia, but was later restored after the game was reclassified to R18+. As with many examples of games being refused classification in Australia, the controversy was over the inclusion of drugs. The Australian Classification Review Board is notoriously strict about depictions of drugs in games as consumable items that offer bonuses of some sort. A few games that ran into similar problems include Wasteland 3, We Happy Few, Disco Elysium – The Final Cut, and DayZ.

However, when RimWorld was resubmitted for an appeal of the ban, the Review Board decided that the severe negative side effects of drugs within the game didn’t constitute glorification of drug use.

You can find an announcement trailer for RimWorld‘s console release below.

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