Revita Gets New Area, Weapons, Options in Old Friends Update

Dear Villagers have announced the Old Friends update for their Early-Access roguelike twin-stick shooter, Revita. 

Made by one-man developer BenStar; players are tasked with climbing an ominous clock tower in a series of procedural encounter rooms and boss fights, all to reclaim their memories. They will also be able to trade health for random upgrades, pushing players to the edge. The game also offers a bevvy of accessibility options; including gamespeed, enemy outlines, and aim-assist to tailor your experience.

As stated in the press release (via email); the update will add add new levels of the clock tower, along with new foes and environmental hazards (such as flash floods). There will also be a new room at the base of the tower, to choose from five different starting guns. Health balancing has also been overhauled, so first time players will have an easier introduction.

Fitting the name, the Old Friends update also promises that players can “dive ever deeper into the enigmatic world of Revita, with an expanded cast and some jammin’ additions to the soundtrack.”


You can find the rundown (via Steam) below:

A fast paced twin-stick roguelite platformer. Climb an ominous clock tower in a series of procedural encounter rooms and past challenging boss fights on your way to reclaiming your lost memory.


Exchange health for power in fast paced glass cannon gameplay. Find the right balance of attack and defense as you try, die, repeat and progress up the tower


Battle through an almost infinite variety of combat encounters in procedurally generated rooms


Twin stick shooting, dashing and wall sliding are just the beginning – find power-ups and items on each run and upgrade your arsenal


An extensive set of options lets you tweak Revita to your playstyle – slow down time, set an outline colour for enemies to make them easier to track or choose the level of aim assist that feels right for you.


Explore an underground subway line infested with monsters and filled with colourful characters who will help you on your journey. Travelling from station to station where elevators take you towards the heights of an ever changing clocktower.


A nameless child with no memories awakens in the metro with only a vague sense of purpose and desire to reach the distant clocktower, hoping to find answers at the top. On the way they will discover a melancholic world filled with masked characters, monsters and perhaps the answers that the child seeks.

Revita is currently in Early Access on Windows PC (via Steam) and aims to launch 2022.

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