Sparkle Unleashed Review – Unleash the Orbs

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Sparkle Unleashed is a matching orbs game created by 10tons Ltd. that is along the same lines of the more well-known game Zuma, but don’t think for a second that it is a replica.  Sparkle Unleashed has beautiful artwork and is one of the best orb matching games I have ever played.

The game starts off with an introduction explaining to you how the world has fallen into darkness.  Your goal as the player is to bring light back into this beautifully drawn world.

After the introduction, you jump right into the game.  A stream of different color orbs comes out along a track, and your goal is to make sure they do not make it to the end.

As you complete each stream of orbs another one is released, or if it takes you to long to destroy the first stream another one is released and you are trying to destroy two streams.

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Each level has a certain amount of streams released which is indicated at the top of the screen.  After destroying all of the streams you have beaten the level.

As the levels go on they become progressively more difficult.  In some levels they have two streams coming from both sides of the screen,  and the streams overlap making it difficult to break certain sections.

Also there are survival type levels where they put a set time limit for it.  For example, they will put 2 minutes on the clock and a constant stream of orbs will continually come out.

When the time is up, if the orbs did not make it to the end of the track, then you beat the level.

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To throw another twist into the game, there are different types of orbs that make it difficult to destroy the stream.  For example, one special orb is a rock orb.

The only way to destroy it is by matching and destroying three orbs on either side of it.  Another orb they throw into the mix is a chained orb, which you can unleash by matching it with three orbs, but the twist is it the chained orb does not get destroyed.

You have to then match another two orbs with it to finally get it out of the stream. To help out in your quest to restore light to the darkened land are six types of power ups, each with a unique ability.  Each power up can be upgraded three times to make it even more powerful.

Altogether there are 18 power ups.  Some of the power ups you may recognize, such as orbs slowing down or reversing or a fireball that destroys a section of the stream.

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There are also a few you may not recognize, such as firefly’s, which take away orbs that do not match the color next to them, or a power up that paints an entire section one color.

The way you receive power up is by connecting three sets of orbs in consecutive fashion.  After you destroy three consecutive sets of orbs, a floating power up will appear.

You shoot an orb into the power up and receive whichever devastating ability appears.  As you continue to destroy sets of orbs your multiplier continues to rise and you receive a power up for every multiple of three (3x 6x 9x etc.).

The mechanics of the game are done to perfection.  There was never a time I felt I tapped the screen and the orb did not go where I wanted it to.

The response time is quick and accurate so shooting orbs quickly and accurately into tight spaces is never an issue.  They also have a cool function in the options menu to help people who are color blind play the game.

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The free trial of Sparkle Unleashed has just been released into the App Store for IPhone and IPad.  You can unlock the full version in the app for $5.99.  In my opinion it is worth every penny.

Not only would an experienced gamer enjoy playing it, but my fiancé (who is not a gamer) and my five year old son could play and enjoy this game just as much as me. Do not worry about them beating any of your levels though because 10tons Ltd. has put in a feature where you can create multiple accounts.

If you are looking for a fun and addictive game that will have you playing on your phone for hours, then look no further than Sparkle Unleashed. This is one of the best games I have played on my iPhone and would recommend it to anyone. Sparkle Unleashed will have you bringing light back into this dark world for hours on end.

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