EPOS H6Pro Gaming Headset Review

Having a decent headset for long gaming sessions is a necessity these days, and the EPOS H6Pro Gaming Headset provides that and more. The market is flooded with all kinds of headsets, so finding one that isn’t low quality garbage can sometimes be a tough trek to embark upon.

Rifling through page after page of EBay, Amazon, Newegg, and Facebook Marketplace ads can make for a very unenjoyabke experience; that anyone remotely familiar with technology can attest to.

I’ve had a ton of headsets over the years; ranging from expensive wireless ones, to office work quality wired ones for call center customer support, to el-cheapo Wal-Mart level ones. The EPOS H6Pro Gaming Headset is quite comfortable, and doesn’t cause irritation or give me a headache like others have in the past.

I’ve so far worn the closed acoustic design version for 6 hr long gaming sessions, just roaming, looting, and shooting (there’s also an open version). Just like me, you’re unlikely to be disappointed by them.

EPOS H6Pro Gaming Headset
Manufacturer: EPOS
MSRP: $179 USD

I went into this review open minded, since I’ve owned so many various headsets through the years. I was pleasantly surprised with how easily I adapted to the EPOS H6Pro, and find myself wearing them and not even realizing I have them on, until I feel the wire on my arm.

The set comes with 2 sets of wires that allow seamless transition from console to PC usage. The wires also seem to be of a noticeably higher quality than any other normal wired gaming headsets have. Usually one has to decide on solely USB or traditional 3.5mm headphone jack for headset usage. These while lacking the USB, as long as your PC still has the 3.5mm jacks, they can still be used.

The earpieces are comfy, soft, and feel nice. The soft foam doesn’t irritate at all, and the way they wrap around your ears completely allow for most background noise to be a non issue for the most part. They’re not heavy at all either, weighing in at only a meager 11 oz, so the headset is quite lighter than most of your fully decked out and more expensive rigs.

I no longer feel like I’m wearing a cinder block on my head while trying to stomp zombies in State of Decay 2. I can’t even tell I have them on sometimes, as they gently hug my dome like a warm mother’s embrace.

I’ve even fell asleep with them on a few times while listening to podcasts. They don’t make my ears sweat like others have, so I definitely don’t feel gross after wearing them for a long time.

Have I mentioned how comfy they are enough already? Because they’re certainly the most comfortable headset I’ve ever owned.

It took me awhile to get used to them, but that was due to me not fully reading the manual it comes with. For example, the mute button works in sync with moving the mic straight up and down.

The microphone also detaches from the headset via a magnetic plate. I was horrified at first when it fell off when I dropped them on the floor by accident. Upon inspection and actually reading the manual (like I should have to start, but I’m a dumbass) I figured out that it’s actually detachable.

Me being a goober with butterfingers wasn’t as big of an issue that was worried it was going to be. My impromptu shock test also showed no damage or marks, so you don’t have to fear man-handling or being a klutz with them.

Their overall look is high quality as well. The ones I have are the white ones with grey earmuffs; but they also come in “Sebring Black” and “Racing Green.”

They’re also not heavy at all on my head nor do they squeeze my head like a vice. There’s even numbered marks on the adjustable headset parts that allows you to always know what size setting works best in case you have to pack up and take them somewhere.

There are a few things worth addressing. The overall performance is fine, but there’s a few annoying things. For example, the overall sound levels are too low. I found myself having to turn the volume up during a lot of game cutscenes to be able to hear anything.

I normally don’t adjust in game audio as I never found the need to, so I know it’s not that. A few games later and by process of elimination, it has to be the headset. There doesn’t seem to be any way to adjust the bass levels via a boosted bass switch or anything of that nature.

I understand one doesn’t want to make oneself go deaf from loud gunfire, music, and frag noises; but they seem to drown out so much ambient in-game noises that I found myself constantly having to turn the volume up and down to catch audio cues in some games, as well in cutscenes. The bass levels are almost nonexistent as well.

It’s like the equalizer has all the bass and mids removed, and the treble all the way up. While it does sounds ‘crisper’ compared to my $40 USD Xbox store brand ones, the bass just isn’t present at all, or at least not as prevalent as my cheaper ones.

So in closing, is the EPOS H6Pro Gaming Headset worth the $179.00 USD price tag? If you’re looking for a high quality set of headphones for long gaming sessions, that won’t make your head feel like it’s in a hot vice like their cheap counterparts, then absolutely yes.

Their quality is head and shoulders above any other gaming headset I’ve owned over the years as far as design, durability, utility, customization, and overall looks. The price point is reasonable enough to justify the purchase, especially if you need a decent pair of headphones for music or podcasts.

They come in clutch for long gaming sessions that won’t leave you feeling like your head just left a red hot bench vise after an hour, then they’re right up your alley. The microphone and the earpads are also replaceable via their website, so these things will last me a long time. These would make for a good birthday or Christmas present for any avid gamer.

EPOS H6Pro Gaming Headset was reviewed using a review unit provided by EPOS. You can find additional information about Niche Gamer’s review/ethics policy here.

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The Verdict: 8

The Good

  • Comfy design that doesn't irritate my ears
  • Not very heavy on my head for long hours
  • Nifty mute feature via turning up the boom or removing it from its magnetic plate
  • Comes with adapter for use on both console and PC

The Bad

  • Volume levels are too low
  • Bass is non existent
  • Audio cord is quite short, may require a separate longer cable


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