DXRacer Air Mesh Gaming Chair D7200 Review

DXRacer Air Mesh Gaming Chair D7200

Introducing the DXRacer AIR, a mesh gaming chair with the claim of being “the most breathable mesh gaming chair.” I’ve never owned a chair that was this expensive or this colorful. I had primarily used chairs that were from Office Depot or Amazon, and never from a name brand.

Typically, I sit for hours in a chair playing games, editing videos, and doing live streams (with occasional plopping down); I put this chair through the ringer. When I first saw the design, I was very concerned about the materials, comfort, and fit. Needless to say, after getting it assembled and sitting in it for about 50 collective hours, I find that this is a good choice for a gift.

DXRacer Air Mesh Gaming Chair D7200
Manufacturer: DXRacer
MSRP: $499.99 USD

A giant box slid in my door unannounced, and when I saw the big DXRacer logo on the side, I got excited to break it open. The main box held an even smaller one that held a number of items used for assembly, among other things. First and foremost, assembly is simple, and comes with instructions that can be somewhat bare-bones.

Usually I just start assembling and see where I go, which still ended up right. I had a few issues of finding some parts, since some of them slipped out of the box, or bag they were in. Additionally, I think some of the smaller pieces might have been thrown in at random; at least it felt that way somewhat.

Truthfully, I did have some help, but was only needed when lining up where the screws went. All in all, the assembly and cleanup time was about 30 minutes. If you’re wondering about the “cleanup,” it was the packing snow stuff that got everywhere after unboxing.

Upgrading from an Office Depot “gaming” chair, my expectations were high. Sitting in a chair that is 10 times more expensive than the one I was sitting in for months was something I didn’t think about this year. Easily the first thing I noticed was the lumbar support that I had been missing for those many months.

One of the best features of the lumbar support, is that the hard plastic piece that makes it happen can be adjusted a bit. Even the memory foam head pillow (which is soft, shocker) can also be adjusted to your height, via the screws on the back. Equally you can, you guessed it, adjust the armrests, recline angle, and height like most chairs.

For all intents and purposes, this chair is breathable. No doubt that this is “the most breathable mesh gaming chair;” especially since there’s not that many known to me. Not once did I get a sweaty back or ass, it was most certainly living up to the self-proclaimed title.

For the cons, there’s a few that you should be aware of. In my time of staring into a screen at all hours of the day and night, I noticed I slid a little into the chair. Whether or not it was from the mesh and the texture, I couldn’t say for sure. I’m no thunder thighs by any stretch, but the frame of the seat felt very small. It’s like it’s cradling you just enough so there’s no room for more.

The armrests, while adjustable, feel a little cheap. Like they could break if twisted. They’re held to the metal of the base of the chair by plastic, which feels sturdy enough. The cheap feeling rolls in when adjusting the position and height of the armrests.

Most importantly is the overall build quality; which, truthfully, is solid. The con here is that some parts are metal, and some parts plastic; and can give an impression of cheap parts being used for the coverings. It’s not a huge negative, but something noticeable when looking at certain parts of the chair.

The mixture of metal and plastics is a good combo and, from the obvious standpoint, is cheaper and lighter. I had little complaints besides the armrests and their stability. The price tag is fairly high, but again, I’ve never owned anything this expensive to sit on for internet stuff.

Countering that, there is a 2 year warranty for accessories, and lifetime warranty for the frame. It’s a big metal frame chair that can support up to 250 lbs and up to 6’2,” which is perfect for me being 220 lbs and 5’10”. I’ve enjoyed my time sitting in this fancy, comfy chair; and this thing is something you should maybe give an eye.

As of this writing, the D7200 model that I have is currently on sale for $449.10 USD, with free shipping. It’s a good deal, and I would like to recommend it.

The DXRacer AIR D7200 was provided for review by DXRacer. You can find additional information about Niche Gamer’s review/ethics policy here.


The Verdict: 9

The Good

  • Metal frame is a good base
  • Comfy pillow keeps head relaxed
  • For namesake, it's breathable, very breathable

The Bad

  • The armrests feel slightly flimsy
  • I'm sliding, bros


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