Andaseat Kaiser 3 XL Chair Review

At this point I’m starting to amass a small collection of Andaseat chairs in my house. Previously, I’ve brought you reviews of the Jungle 2 as well as the T-Pro 2. So how does the Kaiser 3 compare and is it worth the hefty rate?

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 XL Series Gaming Chair
Manufacturer: AndaSeat
MSRP: $499.99 USD

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The Kaiser 3 is the next step up from the previous Kaiser chairs, and this one is basically a king sized version of the Jungle 2 chair only without the footrest. That being said, you won’t even miss it because the Kaiser 3 is not only feels most sturdy to the larger XL size, but the Kaiser 3 has some of the best improvements I’ve seen in a gaming chair line thus far.

The Kaiser 3 comes with both removable and magnetic arm rests as well as a magnetic attaching neck pillow. This is a huge improvement as previous designs of the neck pillows always involved looping a cloth belt through the holes by the headrest and snapping the plastic hooks together in the back. Those little belts eventually wear out with time and the neck pillow sags or you can catch something on them and pop the plastic hooks and break the clasp. With the magnetic pillow, it stays exactly where you want it, and if you pull on it or knock it off, no big deal because it’s magnetic and you can put it right back where you want in within a few seconds.

I’m also a huge fan of the magnetic armrests and I’m personally hoping to see a T-Pro 3 that adopts these as my biggest complaint with my every day chair is that the thick armrests often catch the bottom of my desk and they get scuffed to hell, eventually catching and tearing into the foam with repeated use. Magnetic armrests allow you to take the padding off in order to make a flat surface which allows the arms to adjust easier to fit under the desk clearance space and allow for longevity by not tearing my armrests up.

Yeah, I know, it’s a first world complaint, but when a chair costs a few hundred bucks, you want it to stay as pristine as possible for as long as possible too. The Kaiser 3 XL looks fantastic and the orange stitching always pops nicely against the black pleather, and I’m a big fan of the carbon fiber look of the supporting material instead of using the same pleather all over like the Jungle 2 did.

While I’m enamored with the magnetic armrests and neck pillow, the Kaiser 3 also opts out of the lumbar pillow which often struggles to stay in place and instead includes an adjustable lumbar support built into the cushion which you can quickly dial into your optimal comfort level. These changes alone have made the Kaiser 3 XL my favorite of the Andaseat chairs in my collection and they’ve got me looking forward to what Andaseat has coming in the future.

I greatly prefer the all cloth models of Andaseat chairs (the Kaiser 3 comes in all cloth but it’s solid black or grey only) but I’d also love to see them make a meshy breathable chair like the DX Racer Air with the magnetic armrests in the future. Andaseat continues to impress and further technologies make them a strong competitor in the gamer chair/office chair arena.

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Series Gaming Chair was reviewed using a review unit provided by AndaSeat. You can find additional information about Niche Gamer’s review/ethics policy here.

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The Verdict: 9

The Good

  • Pleather and Carbon Fiber material looks nice togther
  • Magnetic armrests and neck pillow
  • Built in lumbar support instead of the janky hard to position pillow

The Bad

  • Cloth variant only comes in black or grey
  • A little pricey


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