Retro sentai game 8-Colors Star Guardians+ announced

8-Colors Star Guardians

A group of dysfunctional sentai heroines have to save Earth in this 8-bit turn-based adventure.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

Fight giant monsters! In turn based battles! With a team of dysfunctional heroines! And just 8-colors!

A colorful choose-your-boss-path, super-hero-team-based, pixel art game made with Godot 4, available on PC via Steam on September 12, 2023. The Steam version of the game expands the original 8-Colors Star Guardians, with twice as much content and several quality-of-life improvements, such as full controller support.


  • A mix between strategy, puzzle and RPG: No levels or experience grinding – find the right team composition, skills and tactics to best your foes!
  • 8 bosses to defeat and abilities to unlock
  • An extended second story chapter with 13 boss fights
  • Arcade mode: Beat all bosses within a brutal turn limit!
  • Free play mode: Face all the bosses the way you like it – fully powered up? Only one party member? The choice is yours!
  • Five (?) disasterrific heroines with several unlockable costumes
  • Mouse, keyboard and controller support
  • Just! 8! Colors!

8-Colors Star Guardians+ blends turn-based combat with heavy character development and dialogue, making for a very unique experience about imperfect people who have to save Earth.

8-Colors Star Guardians+ is set to release September 12, 2023, for Microsoft Windows (through Steam).



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