Report: New Fallout 4 Patch Breaks Mod Support


One the key aspects that makes the Fallout games (and by extension Bethesda games) last for years is the support of the mod community. Well it seems as though the modding community for the recently released Fallout 4 has received some bad news.

The recently launched 1.2 patch of the game brought a slough of stability and performance to the game with one big drawback; it seems as though the mod support has been removed, whether by design or mistake.

According to a thread on Nexus Mods, the updated launcher disables all mods, and cannot be fixed through a .ini editor.

There seems to be a work around for the moment, but it requires the player to launch the mod manager, then the game, and then activating the mods in the mod manager.

It remains to be seen if Bethesda are working to get this fixed, but hopefully for the players and modders sake they fix this as quickly as possible.


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