Redfall guide – how to clear the Red Mist

Redfall Red Mist

If you’ve done a bit of exploring in Redfall, you’ve likely already countered the mysterious Red Mist (Death Mist) that can sometimes cover large areas of terrain.

It’s red, it’s blurry, and it gets everywhere. Luckily most Red Mist in Redfall will disappear on its own given a little bit of time. However there’s one type of mist that won’t disappear no matter how long you wait.

What if we told you there’s a way to clear it? While some sources of Red Mist are obvious, the largest source is actually difficult to track down.

Sources of Red Mist

There are three primary sources of Red Mist.

  1. Caused by enemies using the mist as an attack
  2. Caused by certain enemies exploding into mist upon death
  3. Seemingly generated and covering large areas

The first two will disappear quickly on their own but the third type of Red Mist actually has a source, and believe it or not it can be destroyed.

Clearing the Red Mist

At the center of the Red Mist will be a horrid looking statue. This statue isn’t just decoration, it’s actually spawning all of this deadly mist in the immediate area.

First things first: YOU NEED A UV WEAPON!

The statue is nigh invulnerable unless you first petrify it with UV light. Once the statue screams and the mist stops, you’ll be given a few seconds to do damage to it before it shakes off the petrification. Luckily this process shouldn’t take more than a few attempts.

Once the statue has been killed, you’re free to explore the area without constantly taking damage from the mist.

Redfall is available for the Xbox Series X/S and Microsoft Windows (through Steam). You can check out our review here!

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