Razer Credit Card Announced, Includes LED Lighting

Razer has announced their very own credit card and of course, it has a built in LED light.

The new credit card, dubbed simply the Razer Card, is being released in partnership with Visa, and has a very limited 1,337 user beta in the Singapore market, for three months. The most curious thing is how the credit card retains power to light up its LED – that wasn’t shared by Razer. Interest rates aren’t currently known either.

Users who get selected for the beta will be eligible for 10% cashback on the Razer Store and Razer Gold purchases, as well as gamified Card Beta rewards where users can complete tasks, level up, and possibly even redeem up to $2,000 worth of Razer gear and free card upgrades.

The Razer Card is coming alongside the payment app, the Razer Pay app, giving users a totally digital payment system akin to Apple Pay or Google Pay. If you insist on using the physical card, if you pony up for the Premium Razer Card the LED logo will light up upon every successful purchase. There’s also a standard, non-LED card for users who aren’t into LED lights.

“Right from the start, we have been very excited about our collaboration with Visa to transform the digital payments experience globally,” said Lee Li Meng, CEO of Razer Fintech. “Over the last year, since our initial announcement, a lot of time and effort has gone into developing and perfecting this product, that is truly going to value-add significantly to the lifestyle of our users.”

He added, “With this Razer Card, we have co-developed a unique prepaid solution that further cements our position as the largest offline-to-online digital payment network in the region. This collaboration opens up many opportunities for us to reach out and meet the needs of consumers, particularly the youth and millennials.”

The Razer Card is powered by the aforementioned Razer Fintech, the financial technology arm of the tech company. The full release will enable users buying with the Razer Card to get 1% back on  select purchases and 5% back on items from the Razer Store.

It’s not clear when the Razer Card will be made available outside of Singapore, however the current beta is set to run until the end of the year. Depending on how the beta does in the Singapore market, we’ll likely hear about a global launch in early 2021.

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