Quit Today preview – indie 2D spectacle fighter

Quit Today

Quit Today is an indie 2D spectacle fighter, it hasn’t come out yet, so we took a peek at a the game’s Steam Demo.

The demo at the moment only consists of the game’s first floor, but it gives us an insight on the game’s main mechanics

Quit Today’s visuals are extremely stylish, the thick outlines are reminiscent of The Behemoth, the Newgrounds game studio that influenced an era of games with Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid.

This is a preview coupled with a supplemental video preview. You can watch the video preview or read the full preview of the below:

The game centers around an office worker who shows up to his job, only to find out he’s been accused of quitting, despite never having done it.

He then finds out that all of the office’s robots have rebelled against him, so he starts climbing the office, department by department to find out what is going on.

It is easy to see that the developer wanted to parody corporate culture in general, as the office is littered with old people dying on the job and getting scammed out of their vacation days.

The commentary doesn’t go as far as something like Going Under, but it gets quite close, especially when you have to save old men from dying on the job.

The controls for the game seem to be clunky on purpose, the delay after dashing is especially reminiscent of Assault Spy, another game that centers around destroying robots in an office environment using a briefcase as your main weapon.

People who are used to character action games can see what the developer’s intention was, but the clunky controls are bound to throw a lot of people off.

My main gripe with the game is the lack on invincibility frames. I know that not every game needs to be like Dark Souls, but not being invincible during your dodge just feels wrong.

Even if the invincible dodge is a tall ask, recovery frames need to be implemented, as you can be stunlocked by enemies easily.

You can watch some gameplay from yours truly below:

The game does allow for blocking, which I completely forgot existed until the first boss, so maybe I just need to git gud.

The game’s demo only gives us a taste of what’s to come, but Quit Today is bound to be a really challenging and rewarding character action game.

Quit Today is set to release on Microsoft Windows (through Steam), no release date has been announced yet.



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