Pyra and Mythra Figures Pre-Orders Reopen via Good Smile Company

Pyra and Mythra Figures

Good Smile Company has re-opened the pre-orders for both the Pyra and Mythra figures, following their initial run of pre-orders earlier this year.

Both the Pyra and Mythra figures cost ¥20,166 (roughly $182 at the time of writing) each, and stand at 1/7th scale. While Pyra’s figure was sculpted by Akimofu and painted by Hajime Akimoto, Mythra’s figure was sculpted by Wotaku Mito and was painted by Iwabitsu.

Each of the lady blade figures measure 210mm (over eight inches) in height and will easily compliment any fans collection of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 goodies. You can find the Pyra store page here and Mythra store page here.

It’s worth pointing out both figure sculptures are based on artwork from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Character Designer Masatsugu Saito, and come pre-painted by hand. These are two out of only three figures based on the various “blade” characters from Xenoblade Chronicles 2with the previous figure based on fan-favorite KOS-MOS being offered last year.

Both figures are based on two forms of the same legendary blade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2and as such they compliment each other if you manage to pick up both and have them placed next to each other so you can have their swords crossing in a truly special joint pose.

Shipments are expected to go out for the first pre-order group in September of 2022 for Japan and October 2022 for North America, while this pre-order group shipments will go out February of 2023 for Japan and March 2023 for North America.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is now available for the Nintendo Switch. In case you missed it, you can find our thorough review for the game here (we highly recommend it!).

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