Popular Streamer Desmond “Etika” Amofah Found Dead

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In an unfortunate turn of events, a body pulled from the East River has been positively identified as Desmond Amofah, better known on the internet as Etika. Amofah went missing almost seven days ago on June 19th.

While people wanted to hold out hope that he would turn up somewhere safe and finally get the help he needed, it seems that the reality of the situation would be turn out to be much more grim.

The internet first became aware of the situation when a video uploaded to Amofah’s Youtube channel went live at Midnight on June 19th. In the video, Amofah makes a series of apologies to his friends, family, and fans for his past actions and for his future ones as well.

The video was incredibly uncomfortable to watch and was quickly removed from Youtube by staff after it was uploaded. The situation became more dire when people realized that despite the video being released at midnight, it was the middle of the day in his video, therefore he had already gone missing and had scheduled the video to be go up at that time.

The NYPD were quickly alerted to the situation and went to his apartment and found it empty. They began to search the downtown area as well as bridges and for several days could not find any sign of Amofah. However, several days after the search had began, Amofah’s belongings, including his wallet, were found on the Manhattan Bridge. As the situation grew darker by the hour, a body was pulled from the East River yesterday afternoon with many believing that it was Amofah. Sadly, this morning the body was properly identified as the missing streamer, bringing the entire ordeal to a final and sad close.

Amofah first rose to internet fame as a popular streamer with his energetic personality and over-the-top reactions to internet videos such as Smash Bros announcements. On the surface, he appeared to be a person who was enjoyable to be around  and was on the rise. But over the years, things began to sour with have more and more infamous moments unfolding on line, which came to a head earlier this year when he was detained by the NYPD and taken to a hospital for an evaluation. it is no secret that Amofah suffered from mental illness and it is an incredible shame that he was not given the proper help that he needed. From all of us at Nichegamer, our thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family in these horrible times.

If there is any takeaway from this, it is that if you, or someone you know are suffering from depression or suicidal thoughts, please seek help immediately. Down below is the number for the National Suicide Hotline – 1-800-273-8255.

As the internet mourns the loss of Amofah, let us do him one final favor and remember him as the goofy streamer who just wanted to get excited about video games.



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