Pix the Cat is an Insanely Glorious Throwback to Arcades of the Past

Pastagames have put out their latest addicting new arcade game, Pix the Cat.

Featured above, you can view a brief sample of the game. A cat named Pix must save forsaken ducklings, which are stranded in the nefarious Grid of Infinity. If you’re paying attention to the trailer, you’ll notice the game is a never-ending arcade experience, much like the previous outings from Pastagames.

You’ll have to master your skills at breakneck speed to have any hope of successfully getting high scores via increasing your speed and combo ups, until you can finally achieve FEVER TIME! The game also has local multiplayer where you can eventually learn to hate your opponents, and an online component where you battle other players’ ghosts.

The best part? Pix the Cat is currently free on PlayStation Plus, on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.



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