Ex-CCP Games and EA devs announce new MMO Pioneers of New Dawn

Pioneers of New Dawn

Arctic Theory has announced the official name for their ambitious new MMORPG: Pioneers of New Dawn.

Founded in 2020, Arctic Theory is helmed by CCP Games and Electronic Arts veterans who worked on titles like EVE Online and The Sims.

Not much is known for now about the title, but Pioneers of New Dawn promises to be an elaborate online experience, set in a persistent world where every player will advance society little by little.

“There’s a trend in our industry of making grand announcements about groundbreaking features and immersive world-building mechanics in games that often fall short at launch, especially in the MMO genre,” said Arctic Theory co-founder and creative director Gísli Konráðsson. “While our approach for the rollout of Pioneers of New Dawn may not be groundbreaking, it is designed to deliver on our promises from day one, and allows players to experience the game as it grows and evolves. Furthermore, our strategy prioritizes providing authentic opportunities for feedback, and offering a transparent timeline for development milestones so players feel both informed and confident that PoND will deliver on its goals.”

Here’s a brief rundown on the game:

Pioneers of New Dawn (PoND) is a sandbox MMO set in the persistent world of New Dawn, a planet finally rejuvenated centuries after a global ecological disaster. It beckons Pioneers, the optimistic descendants of its former inhabitants, urging them to return and embark on a journey of exploration, surveying remnants of a bygone era and rebuilding society in balance with the ever-evolving environment. From establishing outposts and trade networks to creating thriving colonies, they endeavor to leave their mark on New Dawn, writing a bright, new chapter for humanity – together.

Arctic Theory will implement a deliberate launch strategy, introducing the vital game loops for PoND via a closed alpha phase, the official date of which will be announced in Q1 2023. This approach will provide players with a robust introduction to the game world and a clear understanding of its foundational mechanics, including exploration, surveying, and settlement building. As development progresses, the team will carefully incorporate new and increasingly ambitious features leading to the full release.



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