One Piece: Dance Battle is Going to Violently Dance on Your Phone


While the Persona series has got its own dancing game coming sometime next year, it seems like One Piece just needed a piece of that glorious music/rhythm pie.

Featured above is a trailer for One Piece: Dance Battle, Bandai Namco’s upcoming mobile dancing game featuring various characters from the manga/show. The game is set for iOS and Droid phones, and coming from this, you’ll be tapping on screen commands to make your character dance … and fight.

The game is sort of like a memorization test, in which you have to quickly hit the on screen commands in a certain order in order that is presented before you’re able to hit them. You’ll be able to fill your special attack gauge as you successfully nail different moves in order, after which you can unleash an attack on your enemies. You can even battle other players and earn in game currency to unlock costumes for various characters.

One Piece: Dance Battle is set for a release on both iOS and Android sometime this year, and pre-registration is currently open, where you’ll get Trafalgar Law as another playable character.



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