One of Arc System Works’ Earliest Games, Pizza Pop!, Finally Gets Translated

Jaleco was a Japanese publisher and developer that originated in the 1970s. They offered a bunch of titles, including some of Arc System Works’ very first video games, including Pizza Pop!. Though the title was never released outside of Japan, fans have finally translated it this month.

A full fan translation has popped up over on Romhacking.net, by fan translator pacnsacdave.

As the game is largely a platformer, you could still mostly play it in Japanese prior to this translation patch. Regardless, it’s fun to finally know the story behind that dedicated pizza delivery boy.

The concept of the game is quite simple: the pizza delivery boy sees a $10,000 diamond ring he wants to buy for a girl he likes.

To earn enough money for that expensive rock, he has to brave seven dangerous neighborhoods to delivery all those pizzas.

While Arc System Works opened their doors in 1988, they put out many games, every year in fact. Pizza Pop! was originally released for the Famicom in Japan, back in 1992.

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