Offworld Trading Company – Interdimensional DLC Now Available, Free Weekend on Steam

Offworld Trading Company

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Mohawk Games and Stardock Entertainment have released the Interdimensional DLC pack for their economic strategy game, Offworld Trading Company.

This new DLC pack contains three new maps, as well as custom maps. The main highlight is the concept of mixed maps, which use custom rules to combine the various challenges of Mars, Europa, Io, and Ceres all in one place. Players can also make and share their own custom mixed maps.

You can find a launch trailer below.

The Interdimensional DLC is available for $4.99 USD.

This new DLC pack coincides with a free weekend on Steam. Players can check out the game for free until March 21st, during which time the game and all DLC packs will be 50% off.

You can find a rundown of the new DLC (via GamersGate) below:

A perturbation in space and time has unveiled a dimension that is a distorted echo of reality. Discovered between Saturn and Uranus, this mysterious portal leads to a host of brand new challenges and opportunities.

In Offworld Trading Company – Interdimensional, you will vie for economic dominance on mixed worlds where the rules of Mars, Europa, Io, and Ceres are in play all at once. Explore custom maps with a variety of terrain types. The frozen tundra of Europa could exist right beside the hot volcanic surface of Io on these worlds – you’ll need to choose your HQ placements wisely!

Plan your business’ expansion carefully to get the most out of the resources surrounding your base. On these maps, you’ll have access to buildings and resources that were previously only available on certain worlds – you can harvest energy using a Nuclear Power Plant on the uranium-rich fields of Ceres and harvest water from the frozen tundra of Europa, all on the same world.

Plenty of new challenges await you. Face them head on and drive your opponents’ businesses into the ground in Offworld Trading Company – Interdimensional!

Note: The Ceres Initiative DLC, Jupiter’s Forge Expansion, and The Europa Wager Expansion are not required to play this DLC.


  • Play on mixed worlds with multiple different rules, buildings, and resources in play at the same time.
  • Play on one of the new included maps Sandstorm, Phoebe Station, or Three Plateaus, or choose to play on a random map for a new game experience every time.
  • Explore custom maps with a variety of terrain types. Frozen terrain with easy access to water can exist directly beside hot volcanic terrain – you will need to choose your HQ placements strategically!
  • Create and share your own mixed maps via the Steam Workshop.

Offworld Trading Company is available on Windows PC and Mac (both via GamersGate, GOG, and Steam).

Image: GamersGate

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