Niche Games Spotlight – Oblitus Casa

The Five Nights at Freddy‘s series spawned so many fan games that it’s hard to keep track of them all, but even amongst the sea of titles, none seem to be as polished and intricate as Oblitus Casa, a Five Nights at Freddy‘s fan game inspired by the Abandoned by Disney creepypasta.

Oblitus Casa‘s story actually starts with a different game, called Five Nights at Treasure Island. Five Nights at Treasure Island was an early proof of concept demo made by a Deviantart user, but after too much internet history that I’m sure you aren’t interested in reading about, the game landed on Radiance Team’s lap, who fully fleshed out the demo into a full game.

However, after finishing Five Nights at Treasure Island, Radiance Team still wanted to make a game more accurate to their vision, and so they worked on the requel (both a retcon and a sequel), Oblitus Casa.

The game’s nights are divided between two sections: the first one where the player survives an onslaught of Disney characters inside of a cabin, and the second one where the player has to crawl through a series of tunnels while being followed by a giant melted version of Mickey Mouse.

The cabin sections are fantastic, and highlight the game as a constant exercise in multitasking, where the player has to deal with the increasing number of characters that get introduced. The first night only has two characters, but the game ramps up significantly.

The gameplay mostly consists of checking the attic, luring characters with music, stopping Belial from drawing itself into reality, and using the camera’s flash to stop characters from moving or disabling cameras. If it sounds like a lot, that’s because it is; every cabin segment lasts for about 6 minutes, and wasting a second will mean death.

You can read Oblitus Casa‘s GameJolt description to know more about its premise:

It’s been one year since the events that took place at Treasure Island. One year hasn’t been enough, however. You still can’t get what happened out of your head, being reminded day after day, the same questions, and the same answers you fail to provide. The island calls your name one last time.

Can you piece your fractured mind back together before it’s too late?

Oblitus Casa is the culmination of Treasure Island’s legacy and is the official final chapter in the FNaTI story. With new gameplay, better graphics, and atmospheric sound design, we promise to bring FNaTI to its ultimate conclusion. Welcome back to the island.

Oblitus Casa also sports some beautifully rendered backgrounds, which, despite being covered in grime, dust, and ink, still manage to look fantastic. The game’s art direction in general manages to homage both Disney and the Abandoned by Disney creepypasta, refining the originally corny designs conceived by the creepypasta’s author.

Oblitus Casa is available for Microsoft Windows and can be downloaded on GameJolt for free.



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