NicoNico is Coming to Xbox One in Japan


Xbox One is gearing up to launch in Japan and to broaden the appeal of the device they are bringing the NicoNico app to the console.

For those not familiar with NicoNico, it is basically the japanese version of youtube with a heavy focus on Otaku culture and live events.

Xbox One certainly has a uphill climb in Japan where the Xbox brand has not fared well in the past.  For example, the Xbox 360 was consistently outsold by the PS2 years after it’s release – yes, the PS2.  Will this do much to warm the japanese market up to the device?  Probably not as the PS4 and Wii U already have the app, but, it’s a step in the right direction for the box that microsoft built.

The Xbox One will launch on September 4th in Japan and will retail for 49,980 yen with the NicoNico app making it’s way to the system sometime in the winter.


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