Niche Video – Why Don’t The Japanese Like PC Gaming?

The first video in our Niche Video series comes from our new video partner Welfare Walrus! Please make sure to throw a subscription his way.

As mentioned before – our new Niche Video Network is now up and we are getting talented video creators to cover fun new games and topics within the gaming space that we have been looking to focus on.

This is a hotly debated subject: why don’t Japanese gamers like playing games on PC that much? What changed from previous trends in the market? Watch our new video to get an informative and fun breakdown of how the Japanese gaming market has changed over the years, and maybe you’ll learn something new about their PC gaming scene.

This is Niche Video. In our new video network, we regularly cover new games and topics related to gaming – so please leave feedback and let us know if there’s a game you want us to cover!


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