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Today’s Niche Spotlight is Undungeon, an old school open world action-RPG by Laughing Machines and tinyBuild.

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The multiverse has collided, fusing together half a dozen dramatically different versions of Earth during an interdimensional cataclysm called the Great Shift. You play as a Herald, a mysterious being created by God to unravel the dimensions, and restore order to the multiverse.

Customize your Herald with a wide variety of implants gained as loot, or part of an advanced crafting system, to develop your own unique playstyle in frantic real-time combat. Interact with the survivors of the Great Shift, and make decisions that can affect not only the fate of individual villagers, but entire worlds.

You can find the launch trailer below.

Undungeon is available on Windows PC (via the Epic Games Store, GOG, and Steam), and Xbox One for $19.99; and 10% off via GamersGate. Our friends at GamersGate have also given us an exclusive discount code. Use ORGANS at checkout for 15% off until November 30th.

You can find a rundown (via GamersGate) below:

Undungeon is an action role-playing experience that brings back the spirit of old school action/RPGs wrapped in modern design. Restore the order in all dimensions, influence and determine the fate of the worlds, create and decide what will happen in the new Multiverse.


  • Colorful pixel art aesthetics: each tree, bush or rock is hand-drawn, each enemy has dozens of carefully crafted animation frames to create a one-of-a-kind visual experience;
  • Mind-bending science fiction story: Several multidimensional versions of Earth were suddenly merged together, shattering one another in a cataclysmic event known as the Great Shift. This event damaged the fabric of time and space itself, seemingly beyond reconstruction. You, a Herald, will join a secret interdimensional organization — Herald’s Undercover Bay, or simply H.U.B., created by Dharma to remedy the aftermath of the catastrophe;
  • Heated real-time battles: control a Herald — almighty hero created by God. Combine their powerful melee and ranged attacks to vanquish your enemies. Heal carefully so that foes don’t steal your remedy, use movement, various buffs, and debuffs to gain the advantage and defeat your rivals;
  • Customizable hero: implant different organs into the body of your Herald to acquire unique combat enhancers and passive abilities. Gather and equip nodes and runes to make your Herald godlike. Express yourself, create a build that fits your playstyle perfectly, be it companions, throwable weapons, critical or DoT damage and much more;
  • Crafting system: deep crafting systems that allow you to disassemble basic materials and create from received resources unique organs, weapons, gear and consumables that will help you to define your unique playthrough;
  • Vast open world: explore distant lands beyond belief and meet their exotic inhabitants — merchants and bandits going about their lives regardless of where you go. You can trade with locals, recruit them to help you in battles, or even destroy their camps. Between missions, you can recover, gear up and rest in H.U.B. — a base located in a neutral space expanse between dimensions;
  • NPC interaction system: decisions you make as a Herald will affect the fates of the characters you meet, as well as whole dimensions.

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