Niche Spotlight – Golden Light

Golden Light

Today’s Niche Spotlight is Golden Light, a trippy psychological horror roguelite FPS with prop hunt elements by Mr. Pink and HypeTrain Digital.

Descend ever deeper into The Gut, a surreal nightmare office full of shapeshifting meat monsters and edible weapons that demand sacrifices. Lose your sanity as you explore endlessly procedurally generated meat worlds, talk to bicycles, and eat such lovely dishes as Bat Heads and Corrupted Fetuses. Play alone or with up to 9 friends in a prop hunt meat royale where the props hunt the hunter.

You can find the launch trailer below.

Golden Light is available on Windows PC via Steam for $19.99.

You can find the rundown (via Steam) below:

Welcome to the Meat Zone. Prop Hunt where PROPS HUNT YOU. Also it’s a horror roguelike!

Golden Light is a procedural dark comedy horror game with roguelike elements and an eerie atmosphere. Descend into the depths of the Gut to save your loved one.

  • Procedural levels!
  • Randomized weapons!
  • Procedural spooks!
  • Talking BICYCLE!
  • Talking DUDE IN THE TOILET !
  • Things you can eat or throw in this game: Bat Head, Corrupted Fetus, Fish Head, Fat Lips, Meat Apple and many more!

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