Niche Spotlight – Gibbon: Beyond the Trees

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees

Today’s Niche Spotlight is Gibbon: Beyond the Trees, a short 2D platformer by Broken Rules.

In Gibbon: Beyond the Trees, you play as a lost family of gibbons in the dwindling forests of Southeast Asia. Experience beautiful hand-painted visuals as you swing through lush rainforests and bustling villages.

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees features an hour-long narrative campaign dealing with the issues that threaten real animals across the world, as well as a procedurally generated endless mode where you can put your swinging skills to the test.

You can find the launch trailer below.

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees is available for Windows PC (via Steam) and Nintendo Switch for $12.99.

You can find a rundown (via Steam) below:

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees is a hand-drawn adventure following a lost gibbon as they embark on a dangerous journey into unknown lands. Race to freedom in liberation mode, or play through an hour-long narrative that captures the real struggle of living creatures around the world.

Master the gibbon’s art of brachiation (swinging from branch to branch) at high speed, building momentum, pulling off spectacular somersaults, and launching yourself higher and further into the air with the help of your fellow Gibbons, feeling the thrill and exhilaration of life in an untamed jungle.


  • Experience free-flowing dynamic movement based on brachiation, the way real gibbons swing through the trees
  • Master acrobatic moves, including launching from another gibbon’s hands in mid air
  • A touching adventure of a family of gibbons trying to survive amid an encroaching human threat.
  • Play through an hourlong adventure in story mode, or race to freedom through a procedurally generated jungle in liberation mode.
  • Stunning 2D hand painted visuals that breathe life into a rapidly vanishing world.
  • Explore varied environments, from the wild jungles of Southeast Asia to the hectic human world beyond.
  • Gibbon: Beyond the Trees deals with challenging but acute environmental topics, including deforestation, poaching and climate change

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