New Patreon logo earns criticism for next level “minimalism”

Patreon logo

Twitter users have been disturbed by the new logo for Patreon as it seemingly takes the “minimalism” trend to a whole new level.

For those unfamiliar, businesses have been adopting “minimalism” over style and aesthetic in recent years. This can be seen with the exterior of (some) McDonald’s buildings, for example, as some now look more corporate instead of vibrant:

This minimalism has been applied to logos as well, which have transitioned from being stylistic and unique to basic and simple:

A Twitter user recently learned that Patreon (a crowd-funding website) changed its logo too, with the new logo appearing to be be a “blob of a P”:

Considering the new blob-shaped P can be seen on Patreon’s official website, this is likely true:

Comments were naturally scathing over this unimaginative change:



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