New Footage of Playstation 4’s Interface Surfaces

playstation 4 eurogamer expo ui

Some new footage has come up from the Eurogamer Expo, courtesy of youtuber Wasif Akhtar. What’s interesting here is that there have been some clarifications regarding the Playstation 4’s interface:

Here’s some additional information gathered from the footage, courtesy of Chris Kohler:

It’s not called the XMB.
Settings – “Set the screen size of the TV to optimize the 3D view”
Settings – Menu Music can be disabled
Settings – Key Tone can be disabled
Settings – “System Storage Management” is a sub-menu
Settings – “PlayStation App Connection Settings” is a sub-menu
Main Menu – The “www” icon is indeed “Internet Browser”
Main Menu – The “down arrow” icon on the far right is indeed “Downloads”
Notification Settings – Can enable/disable: Friend Requests, Name Requests(?), Invitations, Trophies, Game Alerts(?), Download Status

You can view the video below:

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