Never Go Against a Sicilian—The Princess Bride has a Mobile Game

It seems like the classic Hollywood-remake movement continues, only this time with an officially licensed game adaptation for The Princess Bride.

Featured above, you can view a trailer for the game, developed by Gameblend Studios, which seems to be as close to the movie as a mobile adaptation can be. By that, I mean it features a variety of mini-games that are based on iconic scenes in the movie.

The likenesses of the various characters are in the game, and the mini-games run the gamut from the climb up the cliffs of insanity, to surviving the shrieking eels, to taking part in swordfights, and even wrestling a giant.

Currently, the game is only available on iOS, but Gameblend is bringing the title to Android and Kindle devices as well.



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    January 9, 2015 at 6:26 pm

    Well, that definitely looks like a thing that exists