What you need to know about Lost Ark’s server merge in 2022

Lost Ark

Publisher Amazon Games and developer Smilegate RPG have rolled out the latest round of server merges for Lost Ark, their popular online ARPG.

If you were playing on a particular Lost Ark server that got merged, the newly merged servers have been not only combined – but have received new names. We prepped up a full guide on what to know about the Lost Ark server merges, and how to navigate them:

Lost Ark’s Server Merge

What happens to your Lost Ark characters and items

Cooperation is a must for raids, but not all servers have the player numbers to support that. In light of that, the developers will merge some of them so players can have better chances of finding people to play with. Though farming for Lost Ark gold won’t stop, here are the consequences of the Server Merge.

Effect Categories

Developers will handle your items, progression, and characters in five main ways.

  • Max: The items/system will be set to the highest value found on either roster
  • Min: The opposite of Max
  • Sum: The roster’s stats will be added together
  • Union: The items/system’s stacks or other applicable variables will be added together, but with duplicates removed if applicable
  • Reset: The system is reset to its base values

So now, we’ll list the various systems and how the developers will handle the data.

Lost Ark Character Systems

Characters and Character Slots

A Universal Character Storage will be created. On your first login after the merge, the character selection screen will have a pop-up guide for the storage. The feature can store characters permanently, and you can move them in and out freely.

Character slots will be reset back to the default 6. Additional spaces will return as Character Slot Extension Tickets if you’ve purchased additional ones before.

Main Character

Your main character will be changed to the one with the highest item levels across both servers. You can still manually adjust that to your preference.

Characters Designated for Gold Acquisition

If you’ve moved a character out of the storage and designated it for gold acquisition, they will be ‘bound.’ They cannot be returned until the activity is complete. The bound status will be removed at the end of the week. Also, if the designated character doesn’t do any acquisition activities, they can be returned even without the weekly reset.

Other Character Systems

Name Change Tickets, Reskin Tickets, and Character Slot Extension Tickets obtained before the merge will remain as they are. They already affect the whole account and don’t need any changes in function. Unused Powerpasses will be merged (summed) together. The exception is the Event Punika Powerpass, which will expire after the update.

Currency – Sum

All types will be summed. The excess Lost Ark currency will be sent to Universal Storage, except for those currencies with a hard cap of 9,999,999. Specifically, those are:

  • Gienah’s Coin
  • Septrum’s Coin
  • Arcturus’s Coin
  • Ancient Coin
  • Sun Coin

Lost Ark Achievements and Progression Systems

Achievements – Max

They’re considered complete when done on either server. The higher level will be displayed if finished on both.

Overall Achievement Progression – Union

It will be recalculated after the merge.

Achievement Completion Rewards – Union

If you’ve claimed it on one server, it cannot be claimed again after the merge. Otherwise, it can be claimed afterward with no problems.

Titles and Virtue Points – Union

As mentioned above, duplicates will be removed.

Engravings and Cards

Engraving Effects – Max

Recipes will be summed.

Card Deck Presets – Reset

Card Deck Slot – Max

The more significant slot number will remain as the merged value. If there were expansions through gold or Crystals, they would be refunded to the Universal Storage and the Product Inventory, respectively.

Card Book – Union

All cards (barring removed duplicates) will be moved to the Universal Storage to be claimed again as needed.

Card Enhancement – Max

The highest enhanced card will be retained, and other duplicates and lower-enhanced ones will be removed. Card XP toward a deleted card will be reset and abandoned, so use them before the merge. Those used on a card that will remain will still be there. However, they will be lost if applied before having the duplicates needed for an Awakening.

Card Catalog Slots – Max

The same happens with the Card Deck Slots.

Card Bookmarks and Stacks – Max

The higher number of bookmarks and those with the higher number of stacks will remain.

Lost Ark Roster

Roster Level and XP – Max

Roster Rewards

These will be recalculated, especially those rewards that provide character stats. They will reflect the highest earned value afterward. Prizes cannot be claimed twice, so claiming it on one server will render it unclaimable after the merge. However, if you don’t claim it, you can still do so after the merge.

Roster Storage – Sum

Lost Ark items in the feature will be moved to Universal Storage after the merge.

Roster Storage Slot Extension – Max

Removed slot expansions will be refunded to the Product Inventory, whether bought with gold or Crystals.

Adventurer’s Tome


  • Main Quests
  • Collectibles
  • Cooking
  • Vistas
  • Dungeons
  • Monsters
  • Bosses
  • Hidden & Another Stories
  • Rapport
  • Triport
  • Virtue Points

For the above listed, values past the max level will be discarded.

Adventurer’s Tome Progression

Recalculated depending on the player’s progression on each server. Additional rewards are up for grabs depending on the results.


Rapport Quest Completion and Dialogue – Union

Remember: rewards are only claimable once. They will no longer be available after the merge if they’ve been claimed in either server.

Rapport Level, Points, Grade – Max

Lost Ark Collectibles


  • Island Souls
  • Giant’s Hearts
  • Masterpieces
  • Omnium Stars
  • Mokoko Seeds
  • Ignea Tokens
  • World Tree Leaves
  • Sea Bounties

Collectible Rewards – Max

Some new rewards will be available after the merge and some recalculations. If prizes are available before the merge, the system will mark them as complete, and the object will appear in the Universal Storage.


Ship Acquisition, Level, Skins, Sail Glyphs, and Crew List – Max

If any cosmetics were obtained through Crystals, contact Customer Support for a refund.

Una’s Tasks

Reputation Level, Points, Completion Count – Max

Lopang Inc.’s reputation value will follow the higher value between the servers. Rewards follow the mechanics mentioned above. If they’ve been claimed, the merged server considers them complete. If they are eligible for a prize on either server but have not obtained it, they can claim it after the merge. However, there are character-bound rewards, and only the first one to claim it will be able to obtain specific ones. The others can only get the general ones.

Lost Ark Proving Grounds

  • MMR and PvP Rank – Max
  • Only if PvP matches have been played on either server.
  • Competitive & PvP Match Rewards should be claimed before the merge on September 28.

Lost Ark World Content and Systems

  • Tower First Clear – Max
  • Rewards may be claimed after the merge if there are any unobtained ones.
  • Bifrost Slots – recalculated based on Roster Level and Ignea Tokens
  • Bifrost Save Information – Reset
  • Content Drop Limits – Max
  • Any limited drop obtained before the merge will count as a drop completed once merged.

Currency Exchange

Transaction registrations will be reset or canceled. Refunds Royal Crystal and gold for canceled transactions.

Lost Ark Auction House

All items are to be returned to the original owners through the mail. They may be claimed for 30 days after. Deposits from canceled registration are refunded through the same method.

Skill Runes – Union


Stronghold Level and Experience – Max

Currencies – Sum

Structures – Union

Excess structures beyond the limit will be discarded

NPC Outfits – Union

Duplicates will be refunded with Crystals

Placement – Dependent on the Stronghold with the highest level.

NPCs remain where they are, but character placement will be reset.

Complete Research List and Research in Progress – Union

Duplicated completed research will be refunded with the gold spent on starting it. Redundant research in progress will have the one started earlier remain while the other will be refunded.

Crafting List and Status – Max

All in-process crafting will be canceled; gold will be refunded, but no materials will be.

Dispatch in Progress and Completed List – Union

No Pirate Coin refunds and the Dispatch started earlier will remain.

Stronghold Ships – Max

Since they depend on research, those will be retained based on the highest value.

Stronghold Crew – Union

Stronghold Quests, Farm, Pet Ranch, Interested Stronghold List – Max

Visitor Records – Reset

Knowledge Transfer in Progress – Reset

Progress will be canceled, and gold refunded.

Training Camp – Reset

Any training in progress will be reset. Collect the experience before the maintenance!

Manor Status Value, Stronghold Feast Status, Stronghold Merchant Status – Max and dependent on selected Stronghold)

Stronghold Activity Notebook – Sum

Stronghold Badge, Slots, and Jukebox – Union

Guild Siege

It will be unavailable on the week of the merge.

Pets and Mounts

Pet Collection – Sum (duplicates allowed)

Mounts – Union

Mount Bookmark – Sum but with duplicates removed

Duplicates will be compensated for in the Universal Storage:

  • Duplicate Founder’s Pack mounts will become an untradeable Founder’s Mount selection Chest
  • Duplicate Golden Cloud mounts will become tradeable
  • Other identical ones will become an untradeable Mount Selection Chest


Universal Storage – Sum


Roster Friend List – Sum

Excess friends beyond the limit will be abandoned based on their last login date.

Block List – Sum

Like Friends, blocked players beyond the limit will be abandoned based on their last login date.

Friend Requests, Recent Friend List, Friend Group – Reset


The Express event missions end on September 28. Rewards should be claimed before the merges.

Mokoko Challenge – Max

Trade Skill and Energy

Life Energy – Max

Leap Essence – Sum

Trade Skills Level and Experience – Max

Item and Product Inventory

Product Inventory – Sum

Excess items past the 50 limit will not be discarded, but you cannot obtain new things until the number is reduced to less than 50.

Purchase Count Limit – Sum

Other Chat/Auction House Settings – Latest settings will remain

Special Equipment – Max

The higher grade one will remain, whether equipped or in the inventory. Check your items, as it might be there.

Servers to Merge on September 28

Note that the latter server will absorb the former, retaining its name unless otherwise stated.

Western Europe

  • Shadespire and Rethramis
  • Petrania and Tortoyk
  • Tragon and Moonkeep
  • Stonehearth and Punika

South America

  • Kurzan and Agaton
  • Prideholme and Vern
  • Yorn and Gienah
  • Feiton and Arcturus

Central Europe

  • Sirius and Sceptrum (renamed Starlight)
  • Thaemine and Procyon (renamed Lazenith)
  • Nineveh and Beatrice (renamed Twilightmist)
  • Brelshaza and Inanna (renamed Balthorr)

There will be a second round of merges on an unspecified date after September 28.

Western Europe

  • Rethramis and Tortoyk (renamed Rudric)
  • Moonkeep and Punika (renamed Sylvain)

South America

  • Agaton and Vern (renamed Arthentine)
  • Gienah and Arcturus (renamed Blackfang)

Meet New Friends in Lost ark After the Merge!

With an influx of players new to the server, that’s fresh blood to be recruited to guilds and parties. This solves the problem of too a small player population for raiding and other activities. They always said, ‘the more, the merrier,’ so make new friends and go raiding, questing, farming Lost Ark gold, or PvP-ing together. Enjoy Lost Ark!

Lost Ark has been available worldwide since February 2022 on Windows PC (via Steam). In case you missed it, you can find our review on the game here.

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