NASCAR 21 Ignition: Complete Game Review

NASCAR 21 Ignition is one of the racing simulators from the developer and publisher called Motorsports Games. They took the reins from former partner 704Games, who they collaborated with for the NASCAR Heat series. This game was released on the 28th of October, 2021, for different platforms.


With this game, fans can learn more about NASCAR and improve their knowledge, making it easier to place bets on NASCAR predictions. They can also understand the rules and the different tactics used to ensure they win the race. It is an impressive game that lets you understand the sport better. 


With more features introduced into the NASCAR 21 Ignition game, the game has improved, and there is a lot more to enjoy. We’ve broken down the game to give you a better insight into it, and as a result, you can decide if you want to play the game. 

The Gameplay

There is no good way to explain the gameplay of NASCAR 21 to a newbie, but if you are familiar with the car racing game, it will be easy to play. Although, we would explain vividly to you for a better understanding. 


There are no stages in a NASCAR video game, so if you get into a race, you will notice that. It has been a part of the sport since 2017 and shows no signs of going anywhere. 


However, when you go into racing, you get two main results: a fun and tight racing experience or a buggy mess that should have yet to be released. You should know that this game is an Xbox One, PS4, and PC game that you can easily play on the new consoles or PC, and there are enough game-breaking glitches, rendering it unplayable.


In this game, there is no controller feedback, making it impossible to feel what is happening with your car on the track. Although, the only way to know is by the sounds of the wheels sliding or by watching the car bounce. It is a big failure not to have feedback in a racing game in 2021.  


This game has different features; one is the return of the Motor Racing Network known as MRN. The MRN team gives an excellent short intro at the beginning of each race, but that is the only time we hear from them. We hope there will be more of this in the future because the intro gives a different experience in this game.


Also, some presentation aspects could be better in this game, where the first happens in the pit. Cars must back up to exit their pit boxes, which is not meant to be done. The replay suite is also a limited experience with cars that appear damaged, even at the start of the game. 


The settings that adjust the car’s cornering are wedges from negative 5 to 8.25 and Trackbar from six to fifteen. If a player sets the car’s cornering negatively, it can make it looser and harder to control. In contrast, a positive adjustment usually makes the car tighter and easier to handle during racing and pushier. 

Career Mode

Almost every sports game has a career mode, where the main aim is to allow players to select a NASCAR team to sign with and move right into racing for a championship in the quest. Players can choose a driver, track, and adjust race conditions before starting the race action. After picking a team, you can use it to join a list of every NASCAR Cup series team. 


From Roush Fenway racing to Hendrick’s Motorsport, you can go anywhere you want. The one caveat is that you can replace a driver on the current team instead of driving your car. 

Device Compatibility

To play NASCAR 21 Ignition, you need a minimum CPU equivalent to an Intel Core i5-6600k. However, the developers of this game recommend a greater CPU or equal to an Intel Core i7-610 to play this game. Also, this game will run on PC Systems with 64-bit versions of Windows 10 and above. 

Our Note

It is hard to recommend NASCAR 21 because of the complaint about certain changes in the game. Although there are some good elements to make for a fun experience, and when the game cooperates enough to allow every player to experience them, the driving and overall presentation of the game is enjoyable.



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