Monster Hunter Frontier G is Heading to PS3, Wii U

Monster Hunter Frontier G SS 1

Monster Hunter Frontier G was originally on PC, it soon made its way to the Xbox 360 in Japan. Now, it’s coming to not only Wii U but PS3 as well, this bit of news was revealed in this week’s famitsu magazine.

Frontier G is an upgraded version of Frontier, it features new areas, monsters, quests, armors and attacks for all eleven weapons. Trophies on PS3 are still up in the air unfortunately, although the PS3 version will include a beginner’s pack to help newbies to the franchise.

The Wii U version is obviously gamepad and Pro controller compatible – it will not work with the nunchuk and wiimote. Capcom is seeing if they can have features be enabled via the 3DS, on the Wii U version. The Wii U version comes with it’s own beginner’s pack as well.

As most online console games have been, so too will be Monster Hunter Frontier G – each console has its own dedicated servers so unfortunately there will be no cross platform play.

The game will be free to download but it will require a subscription fee. A special promotion for the game on PS3 and Wii U will be going on for a week prior to the game’s release on both platforms, you’ll be able to play the game for free for that week.

You can view the game’s original debut trailer below:

Physical copies of the game will run 6,090 yen, while subscription fees will be going for 1,400 yen per month. Monster Hunter Frontier G is launching on November 20th on PS3 in Japan and December 11th on Wii U. No word has been made on the game getting a western release.



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