Metroid Dread Leaks Three Days Ahead of Launch

Metroid Dread Overview Trailer

Nintendo‘s upcoming Metroid Dread has leaked onto the internet, three days ahead of launch.

As previously reported, this first new Metroid game in 19 years continues the story after Metroid: Fusion. Investigate planet ZDR, and fend off the DNA-extracting E.M.M.I. who will relentlessly pursue you. Use your new parkour and slide abilities to evade them at every turn, learn what twisted these research machines, and finish the Metroid saga.

Now, reports across Twitter and ResetEra (via NintendoLife) state the game has leaked early. This would suggest a reviewer or influencer who received the game early has shared clips of the game online. NintendoLife reports this includes footage of what could be the second boss.


While these clips were reportedly leaking last Sunday, dataminer @OatmealDome has seemingly obtained a copy of the game. This would suggest pirated copies of the game are available ahead of the game’s official launch.

Based on the code, it seems the game was under the codename “cazadora” (Spanish for huntress), rather fitting for Spanish co-developer MercurySteam. The game engine is also noted as nothing like OatmealDome had seen with other Nintendo games. “Interestingly, all of the game parameters appears to be contained in an 86kb config.ini file” they note; along with English within the code.

Suffice to say, fans should stay off social media until the game launches if they wish to avoid spoilers.

Metroid Dread launches October 8th on Nintendo Switch.

Image: YouTube

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