Magical/Divine Kadenz Fermata Akkord: Fortissimo is Almost Here

Kadenza cast

Kadenz Fermata Akkord: Fortissimo is a visual novel that 5pb. and La’cryma have jointly developed for the PS Vita, and for which Suguru Kamiya has written the scenarios.


Unsurprisingly, since this is a visual novel, not a lot is known about the game’s world or story. What we do know is that magic and miracles exist in Kadenz, and that protagonist Freiya Schwertleite becomes involved in “an intense battle between miracle-users and magic-users.”


The main cast (and their seiyūs) from left to right above are: Irmfried Burckhardt (Taiten Kusunoki), Alicia Katerine and Toy Box (Yuu Kahara and Atsumi Tanezaki, respectively), Amaterasu Hime Mikoto (Sayuri Yahagi), Freya Schwertleite (Yui Kondou), Julius Chariowald (Takuya Satō), Rudra Andarfait (Michiko Kaiden), Julia Chronoschneeweisschen (Mie Sonozaki), and Faust Norbert (Haruo Satou).

This ensemble is just a small part of what’s a sprawling cast. You can click on the box in the top right of the character page on the official site to have a look at the huge supporting cast.

The first video below showcases the main characters of the game, and the second video shows off the magical side of the equation, presenting the game’s magic-using characters.


The last (best?) video shows off eight minutes of Kadenz‘s gameplay, which is a little bit different from the norm in that battles in the game are more dynamic than they usually are in visual novels. You can choose how to fight, picking from three different attacks throughout a battle to overcome adversaries.

The first attack, “FF”, stands for Free Finish; it’ a special move that can be used at any point during combat. The second attack, “EXS”, is similar to Free Finishes, the main difference being that the effects of the “EXS” differ depending on who you’re fighting. The third attack is “FA”, or Full Access mode, which lets you perform an extra special attack; this mode can only be activated by certain characters.

Kadenz fermata//Akkord:fortissimo is set to release in Japan on December 11th. (Curiously, 5 pb. has another visual novel, Chaos;Child, coming out just two weeks after that.) There’s been no mention of a Western localization yet.

Opening cinematics

The opening cinematic, in the first video below, features the game’s main characters, and the game’s opening theme song, “fermata ~Akkord:fortissimo ~”, which was written by fripSide. The second video above is the side opening movie.

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