Magatsu Barai Opening Movie Shows Off Its Characters

Magatsu Barai Opening Movie

Light has shared the Magatsu Barai opening movie, showing off the main characters in the stylish upcoming battle visual novel.

The game’s opening movie features the song “Stand Straight Up,” is sung by Masayo Shinkai, produced by Nirai Kanai Studio, written by HaraYuka from STRIKERS (with supervision by Ayuma), and was both composed and arranged by Hideki Higuchi.

Here’s the Magatsu Barai opening movie:

Here’s a rundown on the game:

“Sacred Light” is a mysterious power that has existed in humans and nature since ancient times. A boy named Hayato Ishido is an apprentice “Spiritualist” who makes a living by learning to use it and exorcise evil. Hayato Ishido is enjoying a peaceful youth at Shinwa Academy.

To earn some money, he works part-time making charms. He also enjoys chatting with his good friends. I would secretly plan gifts for my sister as a way to thank her for her support. The mundane but happy routine is shattered by the arrival of an unexpected assailant.

While the whole school is in chaos, Hayato is mortally wounded protecting his friends. Just before his life is about to end, he has a chance encounter with a girl who is an incarnation of Magatsu, a grudge sealed by his ancestors. She is the 13 demon generals who shook the capital a thousand years ago in the Heian era. In the form of a beautiful young girl, he smiled at her.

It’s a good thing you’re here.

“It is a contract. I have a contract. “I will give you strength.”

And so the story begins. The glittering days of my youth.

“Even a small stone can make something happen if it starts moving!

Like a clear sky, Magatsu Barai opens its curtain.

Magatsu Barai is launching for Switch on January 17, 2022 in Japan.

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