Lewd Monster-Girl RPG Moero Crystal H Heads West on Nintendo Switch in 2020

Moero Crystal H

Eastasiasoft have announced that “sexy dungeon crawling comedy RPGMoero Crystal H will be heading to North America and Europe with English subtitles.

The sequel to Monster Monpiece and Moero Chronicle originally only released in Japan. According to the press release and official website (reader discretion is advised), the game features a mad-cap story involving the Bra of Darkness, and the Panties of Light.

When the Bra was stolen from the Great Shrine by the thief Dark Ottonias (an otter), a rift opened in the sky above, slowly dragging up and swallowing the land.

Now Zenox (a young boy caught up in the incident), Luanna (the Pegasus monster-girl who guarded the shrine), and Otton (who tried and failed to steal the Panties of Light) are tasked with bringing the Bra back, guided by the Panties of Light.

Dark Ottonias has forced monster-girls to wear the Bra of Darkness, infecting them with dark powers and leaving them in his wake to cover his retreat. Players must beat back these foes in a dungeon-crawling RPG.

Players can build up energy, which can then be “stored” to power up a monster-girl, or “inserted” to make them move earlier in the turn order. There are also the “48 Erotic Methods,” the 48 combo attacks that various pairs of monster-girls can pull off depending on the skills they unleash.

A monster-girl that has been filled with darkness can be purged of it by “Love Scratching”. Players must find three weak-spots on the girl within the time limit, which activates “Nude Flash”. When in this barely clothed state, the “most sensitive places” are exposed. “Rub your heart out in order to subdue the monster girls!”

Completing the main story unlocks the time attack mode “100 Scratch”. It appears to task the player with clearing 100 Love Scratching minigames in a row, as fast as possible.

There is also Doki Doki Shooter, where you “climb aboard the ‘Funyaton-Go’ and drop your nebular bombs to melt away the monster girls’ clothes, revealing the crystals in their secret places!”

These crystals can then be used to access a girls’ “Deep Reaches”, a single floor dungeon which unlock various effects for that character when cleared. Monster-girls can also be equipped with bras (granting new skills), and panties (improving their parameters). You can also find hidden panties in dungeons- guarded by panty fairies.

You can also enhance equipment through souls at the Soul Temple, or grant them special abilities through a monster-girls’ “seal”.

Across the 80 monster-girls, players can unlock intimacy events, with special endings for each girl. You can also rest with your girls in town to boost their stats for a short time, and (according to the press release), upgrade your living quarters, and partner girls up as roommates.

An enhanced version of the 2015 PlayStation Vita title, the game also features all DLC (with new monster-girls), Double Scratch (Love Scratching two girls at once), HD graphics, and HD Rumble.

You can find the opening movie below.

Physical copies of the game will be available exclusively through PlayAsia (as an Asia-English release). Pre-orders begin May 28th, and will ship August 2020. The Limited Edition ($59.99 USD) also comes with the game (region free), a full-color printed manual, soundtrack CD, artbook, sticker set, an individually numbered collector’s certificate, a collector’s box with embossed logo, and a Playasia Minicase Keychain.

Moero Crystal H

Moero Crystal H launches 2020 in North America and Europe for Nintendo Switch, and is available in Japan.

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