Lego Nintendo Entertainment System Officially Announced, Launches August 1 for $229.99

Lego Nintendo Entertainment System NES

Lego and Nintendo have officially announced the Lego Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) set, along with a release date and price.

While initially leaked, it appears much of the information is accurate. The set will allow you to build a replica of the Nintendo Entertainment System; complete with controller, tube-style TV playing Super Mario Bros., and Super Mario Bros. cartridge.

We now know that cranking the handle on the TV causes the background to scroll, and make Mario navigate the level. The set is also compatible with the Lego Super Mario set. When Lego Mario is placed on the TV, it will make the music of the classic game, along with sound effects accurate to where Mario is on the screen.

You can find the announcement trailer below.

The Lego Nintendo Entertainment System (71374) launches August 1st for $229.99 USD, via the Lego website.

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Image: Lego

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