InnerWorld Supplants Dreams for Nightmares Filled with Anime Girls

InnerWorld SS 2 InnerWorld SS 1

InnerWorld is a mobile game by Korean devs Softmax, most known for their Magna Carta series, which is filled with downright silly/crazy female character designs, as seen below:

Magna Carta 2 Art 1

I’m not really a fan of the Magna Carta series, but I’m a pretty big fan of their ridiculous character designs. InnerWorld has dungeons to conquer and cards that represent the characters in your party. NHN Hangame is porting the game to Japan and the game will have crossover characters to unlock for completing certain in game events.

The game is about being trapped within a nightmare and surviving by exploring dungeons, capturing monsters and summoning them in battle via trading cards. Tichiel from TalesWeaver and Joan from the War of Genesis franchise are confirmed to be crossover characters in the game.

Clearly, InnerWorld has a lot of their touch behind it if this trailer is anything to go by:

The game is coming to Android only for now, it has no release date but it certainly looks pretty for a mobile game.


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