How to upgrade mining in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Mining plays a very important role in the development of many crafting professions in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. It allows you to extract important resources for blacksmithing, jewelry and engineering.

In the new Dragonflight update, the collection options have increased to dragon islands – a new location available to all adventurers after reaching level 60. To achieve such an indicator in the shortest possible time, you can order wow boosting from professional players and track the status of the order after transferring the account in real time on the site. The service guarantees the safety of personal data and uses all precautions against potential intervention by the game administration, including VPN for anonymity.

What race to choose for mining farming

While choosing a specific race for just one piece of game content is a thankless task and you may soon stop farming and focus on other things, there are two races that have advantages when mining rocks.

  1. Draktir – a new race, is a mixture of dragons and people. They are distinguished by increased mobility and have a passive skill that increases attentiveness – a parameter that gives an increased chance of obtaining rare resources during normal mining.
  2. Druid-class Highmountain Tauren is the perfect combination, the druid has high speed and ground clearance, and the Tauren has a passive skill that increases Mining Profession skill by 5.

What characteristics affect the quality of extraction of mining resources

Starting with the Dragonflight update, each profession has special characteristics that add additional options when working with a profession.

  • Accuracy – gives a chance to get an increased amount of resources during mining.
  • Dexterity – increases the speed of processing and mining of ore minerals.
  • Mindfulness – when collecting, increases the chance to get rare minerals and other valuable consumables.

You should focus on increasing attentiveness and accuracy in order to collect more rare consumables in large quantities. Skill is also useful, but the acceleration of production is not as priority in the development of the profession as the rest.

Useful gear to enhance mining

Starting with the Dragonflight update, all artisans and miners of valuable resources have received special equipment that enhances the main parameters of the profession and is automatically equipped if available in the inventory.

You can create such equipment if you have blacksmithing and engineering skills, or order from the appropriate artisans through the order table on Dragon Isle – the deal is controlled by the WoW system, so there can be no cheating, but you need to track the skills of the crafter, otherwise you will pay for an item of lower quality than it could be.

  • Draconite or Khazgorite pickaxe, crafted by a blacksmith and increases mining skill by 10.
  • Bottomless Rockhide or Mudhide Ore Sack – Significantly increases the accuracy skill, which is responsible for the amount of ore mined from one rock. Created by a master engineer.
  • Explorer’s Draconite or Khazgorite Helmet – significantly increases skill and attentiveness, and also adds mining skill. Created by an engineer.

At the beginning of the work, you can buy green equipment at the auction – it becomes personal when equipped.

Blue and higher quality equipment will have to be ordered from the masters of engineering and blacksmithing through the order table in the capital of the Dragon Isles.

Changes to mined ore in the Dragon Isles

Having sailed to the Dragon Islands, all ore seekers will be able to find three types of ore:

  • Serevite
  • Draconite
  • Kazgaritovaya – a type of dependent or, which can fall out with a small chance when mining the two main types of ore. When mining ore with a modifier, the chance of obtaining is higher.

Each ore, in turn, can have one of the types of modifiers that will provide special loot during the collection process.

  • Overshadowed by the titans;
  • Rocky;
  • red-hot;
  • Primordial;
  • Rich;
  • ardent

The ardent modifier will only be found near places where PvP skirmishes take place. Therefore, for mining, you need to go into war mode.

Stone walls

From time to time, mountain blockages will come across on the dragon islands – deposits of stones that block access to minerals and herbs. You can find such places on the map, according to the marks of ore rocks on the map. Only experienced masters of mining can dig out the blockage and open access to rare resources, not only for themselves, but also for herbalists who cannot get to these materials on their own.

Upgrading Mining Skills in the Dragonflight Update in World of Warcraft

Upon arrival at the Dragon Islands, go to the embassy of the winged shelter, where you can find a mining teacher and continue to develop your craft, in parallel with the main leveling of the character.

Your main task is not only to collect two types of ores, but also to look for sources of knowledge that will help you upgrade your chosen specializations and unlock access to new skills and characteristics that will significantly improve your mining performance.

Serevite ore will help you develop the skill to level 50 quickly enough, but then only Draconite ore will bring the characteristics of the profession.

Once a week, you will randomly find three pieces of Rainbow Ore, which will bring knowledge for the development of specializations.

In parallel with this, you will come across items that have no restrictions on the number of receipts in a certain period and depend solely on your luck.

  • Unyielding stone fragment
  • Rainbow Ore
  • Elemental-charged stone
  • Hot ore sample

You can also draw knowledge about mining from the tract of knowledge of the same name, which is created by inscribers and can be ordered through the new order system in the capital of the Dragon Isles.

You should not get carried away with such a source of knowledge, since it has a 7-day cooldown for use, and pumping all variations of specialization will take time. But the very opportunity to get a character in the future – a full-fledged specialist in his profession, is worth it.



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