Hottest Niche Video Game Genres

During the dawn of the video game industry, it was fairly easy to classify games by genre. However, things have changed dramatically and a plethora of new games with unique genres and sub-genres appears every other day.

The ever-changing trends lead developers to combine characteristics of different genres to impress players in unexpected ways. In this article, you will find an overview of the hottest niche video game genres in early 2023.

Hottest Niche Video Game Genres – What You Need to Know

Video games are part of the entertainment business, which makes them no different from movies, series, comedy shows, and other similar products. In the age of free content available 24/7, video game developers face a daily battle to create products that stand out in such a competitive environment.

Here’s a list of video game genres going through a proliferation process in 2023, as developers keep pushing the boundaries to deliver more in terms of graphics, screenplay, and excitement.

CSGO Gaming Modes 

In many experts’ opinions, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) represents the pinnacle of the FPS (first-person shooter) genre. Even though CSGO was not originally a video game genre by itself, the introduction of skins to the game led to the creation of an entire market of trading and gambling around these items.

Skins are nothing more than graphical overlays that modify the appearance of CSGO weapons and items. While skins do not affect the player’s ability in the game, these in-game goods became valuable assets.

The CSGO gambling genre resulted in games like Crash, Coinflip, Towers, and Mines. The popularity of this genre grew so rapidly that users even have a hard time finding the best platforms to gamble.

In such cases, there are reliable ways to find where to gamble safely with provably fair rolls, like checking out the top CSGO gambling sites on and other expert platforms. 


The acronym MOBA stands for “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.” Since the dawn of online RPG, this genre has attracted many old-school RPG fans and new fans searching for a combination of real-time strategy and action within the same games.

The MOBA format is simple – two teams must face off against each other in a chosen arena to destroy the other’s base. Generally, the maps feature “lanes,” routes used by players to travel between bases and facilitate map exploration.

One of the core elements of MOBA games is the impersonation of a hero. Each player must choose a hero to go through matches. Depending on the “class” of a chosen character, the hero may have different skills and unique powers. 

Great examples of world-class MOBA games include Defense of the Ancients (DotA) 2 and League of Legends (LoL). Both games can be downloaded and played for free, amassing millions of players worldwide. 

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Clicker Games

Also referred to as “idle” or “incremental” games, clicker games are limited to sandbox-level interactions, which explains their designation. With a few clicks here and there, players learn everything they need to know to master the game.

The format could not be easier to understand, as most game interactions can be summarized by clicks on the screen. Players earn points by clicking, so the more you click, the more points you can get.

Eventually, players can claim upgrades by racking up points. A good example of this genre is the Adventure Capitalist, wherein you get started with a simple lemonade standard and click away to the top of the business world. 

Real-time Strategy (RTS)

It is hard to find games that make you feel more powerful and able to conquer the world than those that put you in the shoes of a general or leader of a nation. For decades, the real-time strategy (RTS) genre has been an absolute success and it will not stop growing in 2023. 

This genre’s enduring popularity and countless sub-genres make it a profitable industry for software developers. The RTS format may vary depending on the title, but the plot often features different factions competing in real time for resources and territory.

The ability to manage resources, control different parts of a map, expand your territory through peace or violence, and subdue other players to submission is a must for RTS players. Excellent examples of this everlasting genre include Age of Empires, Warcraft, and Command & Conquer.



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