Hikari! Love Potion Gameplay Banned from Pornhub; Developer Denies “Non-Consent” Allegations

Hikari! Love Potion Pornhub banned

Editors Note: Links to Steam will include content that is not safe for work. Reader discretion is advised.

Gameplay of Toffer Team‘s Hikari! Love Potion has been banned from Pornhub, with the developer denying they featured non-consensual scenes.

The adult game developer tweeted that gameplay of their game had been removed due to allegedly showing non-consensual sex. When appealing a removal on Pornhub, videos at this time cannot be re-reviewed, only edited and re-uploaded.


The reason specifically is “non-consent (tricked into drinking a love potion)”. We reached out to Toffer Team to ask more about the game. They explained the main objective is to save a fantasy world under attack by a corrupted Goddess.

After being “isekai’d” into another world, you learn the Goddess is brainwashing all the women into murdering all them men; to conquer the continent. To undo this, the players (a prophesied messiah) makes the brainwashed heroines drink a love potion to get back to normal; aside from the side-effect of arousal. After this, the heroines join the player’s party.

Toffer Team also explains that none of the other adult storefronts selling the game (Denpasoft, Nutaku, Jast USA, Fakku Games), nor even Steam objected to the game’s content during pre-launch compliance reviews or after launch. As far as Toffer Team know, reported footage on Pornhub is reviewed and banned by humans; based on the email a Let’s Player who got their video banned recieved.

When we asked if Toffer Team considered those uploading scenes from their game was piracy, they said it was not at all. “I’m always happy to see adult content creators enjoying playing my games on live streams or any video website. It’s good for us developers and for the content creators alike, just like any other gameplay on YouTube.”


We asked if they considered the ban hypocritical; considering scenes from hentai where (as we phrased it) consent was “dubious at best,” yet remained on Pornhub.

“It’s not my or any video content creator’s fault if PH don’t have the time or manpower necessary to correctly review their videos,” Toffer stated, “then banning a 2D anime style game, where there are probably hundreds if not thousands of REAL porn videos that are a hundreds times worse than any fictional hentai animation or visual novel could ever be.”

At this time of writing, searching for “drunk” produces no results on Pornhub; no doubt a measure to prevent further allegations of non-consensual videos, leading to a purge of unverified user-uploaded content in December last year.

However; there are over 33,000 results for “party” (which may or may not suggest or show alcohol consumption, genuine intoxication, or acting intoxicated), 4279 results for “brain wash” (452 for “brainwash”), 463 results for “mind control,” 185 results for “hypnosis,” and 22 results for “aphrodisiac.”


We also asked if they were concerned if others could misinterpret the content of Hikari! Love Potion based on the decision Pornhub made. Toffer Team answered both questions.

“I don’t want people to think our game is about something that it’s clearly not. I’m sure that if the game had such content they’re claiming it has, Steam alarms would have been triggered a while ago, when the game was being released back in 2019.”

This is not the first time Toffer Team have run into issues with their games. They had previously raised over $35,000 USD for LIP! Lewd Idol Project. While the first volume released, the developer announced that PayPal had permanently locked their account– with the remaining Kickstarter funds for the game. PayPal accused Toffer Team that their project of being related to “sexual services.”

In our interview with the Project Director for the game, they explained this came with no prior warning. “After doing some research and reading a lot of similar cases online while getting feedback from people that have been in the same position in the past,” Toffer explained, “I’m really worried about the possibility of not receiving access to our funds anymore.”



Ryan was a former Niche Gamer contributor.

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