HIDIVE Releases Dubbed and Uncensored Versions of Kandagawa Jet Girls

Kandagawa Jet girls

The 2019 anime series Kandagawa Jet Girls is being made available dubbed and uncensored on the HIDIVE streaming platform.

In a recent tweet, HIDIVE announced that an English dub for Kandagawa Jet Girls would be released, alongside the series being released full uncensored on the streaming platform.

Kandagawa Jet Girls is a 2019 sports anime where girls compete in Jet Racing, a sport where one girl is a “Jetter” pilots a jetski-like watercraft and another acts as a “Shooter” who blasts other racers with water. The series follows Rin Namiki who wants to be a Jetter just like her mother was.

The anime series was worked on by studio TNK who’s other works include High School DxD and the recent Redo of Healer. A summary of the series from Sentai Filmworks can be found below.

“Jet Racing’s wet-and-wild combo of PWC racing and watergun sharpshooting is mega-popular across the world, and Rin Namiki wants in on the action! She aspires to become a legendary Jetter just like her mother, and after meeting the cool and gorgeous Shooter Misa Aoi, it looks like Rin’s dreams are finally in reach. Every race brings them tighter together as a team and closer than ever to their shared dream of becoming the best Jet Racers on the water in Kandagawa Jet Girls!”

A video game from developer Honey Parade Games was released in 2020 and published by XSEED.

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