GOG returned to their roots with new “Good Old Game” tag

GOG returned to their roots

GOG returned to their roots with a new “Good Old Game” tag, news announced this past week.

The newly released “Good Old Games” tag is now available on their digital store, and it now groups a staff curated collection of over 500 “iconic classics.”

In 2008, CD Projekt launched the distribution platform, then titled Good Old Games, to provide both DRM free titles and classic games that were adapted to be easily playable modern machines.

As discussed in the aforementioned post, GOG is a platform that has evolved over the years in order to address specific needs through the course of its continued existence including the alteration of the service’s name.

GOG returned to their roots under this new commitment to their founding objectives adding, “our goal is for GOG to become, once again, the best place for the classic PC games.”

For the company, this doesn’t simply mean making beloved, older titles available – it includes the technical fixes required to make them run well on modern machines. Such classic games include, but are not limited to, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, Baldur’s Gate II, and, most recently, The Wheel of Time.

In addition to creating the new “Good Old Game” tag, GOG continues to promote the discovery of older titles by all audiences through a myriad of activities. On their twitch channel, GOG has streamed interviews with game developers. As well, various items like guidebooks and concept art have been provided through a collaboration with The Video Game History foundation.

“The invitation is here and it’s waiting for you! Rediscover with us the games that have been universally loved or search for hidden gems that didn’t get their time in the spotlight,” GOG said in the update. “Whatever you choose, we commit to bringing you the best classics experience out there: playable offline, compatible with new OSs, packed with additional digital goodies, and with the ability to back up anywhere at any time to ensure that the games we offer are playable for years to come.”



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