GOG.com’s New Money Back Guarantee

Who hasn’t bought a game on one of the industry’s ever-growing digital download stores and nearly split a keyboard in half when they realized the game didn’t work? A casual glance at any Steam discussion forum will show you at least a few instances of this having happened, and as the digital market grows so too will this feeling of getting ripped off. Sadly, there is nothing you can do since unlike brick-and-mortar stores you can’t take the software back, right?

GOG.com’s new offer has something to say about that.

According to the aforementioned link, GOG will now fully refund anyone who runs into a game-breaking issue that prevents them from using the software they’ve bought from their store. Not only that, but if you mistakenly purchased a game that you originally didn’t intend to, you will also be eligible for a refund. Simply put, if you buy a game from GOG’s storefront, you now enjoy a great deal of security in your purchases. Granted, you will have 30 days to notify them but it’s still quite a guarantee.

It remains to be seen how this will affect Steam, the largest digital distributor in the industry. Gamers have long clamored for a real refund system and Steam is notorious for pruning accounts that block payment or complain to their credit card companies over non-working purchases. With GOG selling first-run AAA games, formerly the territory of Steam, this could force Valve to change their own refund policy as well.

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