Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayato overview trailer shows off onii-chan’s abilities

Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayato overview trailer

HoYoverse shared a new Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayato overview trailer, this time focusing on the skills and abilities of the gacha action-RPG’s latest 5-star character, Kamisato Ayato.

Kamisato Ayato is the Commissioner for Inazuma’s Yashiro Commision and the heir to the beloved Kamisato Clan. He is the older brother of Kamisato Ayaka, another fan-favorite 5-star character in the game.

Kamisato Ayato’s Elemental Skill causes him to shift backwards and summon a watery illusion that explodes, dealing AoE Hydro damage to nearby enemies. This skill also converts his basic attacks into Shunsuiken strikes that deal Hydro damage. Each strike increases Ayato’s attack power based on his max HP, and Ayato can hold a max of 4 such stacks. While in this state Ayato cannot perform charged or plunging attacks, but also gains increased interrupt resistance.

Kamisato Ayato’s Elemental Burst summons an arena of purity around him. This area continuously rains down Hydro damage on enemies, and the normal attack damage of friendly characters in the area is increased. Finally, Ayato’s noncombat skill gives him a chance to create an additional Suspicious version of a dish after cooking.

Here’s the new Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayato overview trailer:

Kamisato Ayato is the highlight of update 2.6’s current limited time character wish banner, Azure Excursion. The banner also features increased pull rates for the 4-star characters Xiangling, Sucrose, and Yun Jin. Alternatively, players have another chance to wish for the highly sought after 5-star character Venti right now, and Ayato’s sister Kamisato Ayaka will get a rerun banner later this month. The current Epitome Invocation weapon banner includes the new 5-star sword Haran Geppaku Futsu, which is designed to be paired with Kamisato Ayato.

Besides the new characters, update 2.6 also sees the release of The Chasm, a new area in Liyue. This large, disused mine is at the center of a new Abyss Order plot, so players will once again team up with Dainsleif to foil them in the latest story quest.

The update will also feature the Magnificent Irodori Festival, Inazuma’s equivalent to Lantern Rite and Windblume. As with the other annual festivals, various fan-favorite characters from throughout Teyvat will make their way to Inazuma to participate in the festivities. Players will be able to hang out with characters in various story quests and participate in a wide range of minigames and activities, including the return of the Theatre Mechanicus tower defense event.

Genshin Impact is available and free-to-play on Windows PC (via the Epic Games Store and official website), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, AndroidiOS, and coming soon to Nintendo Switch. In case you missed it, you can find our review here (we recommend it!)

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