Zombie Shooter “Garage” Announced for Nintendo Switch

tinyBuild Games has announced Garage, a top down shooter for the Nintendo Switch.

The Zombie Dynamics-developed game will launch for the hybrid console sometime this spring. Featured above, you can view the game’s announcement trailer.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Garage is a bloody, top-down shooter inspired by VHS era B-movies. You play as Butch, an ex-drug dealer who finds himself in an underground parking garage where he accidentally uncovers a secret underworld filled with mutants and the undead.

Key Features:

  • Interactive environments: Ride vehicles, knock over boxes, and even play soccer with the monster heads.
  • Strategic weapon system gives each weapon a dedicated use in the battle against the mutants.
  • Unique combination of survival mechanics, ammo management, and action shooter gameplay.
  • Inspired by Splatterpunk storytelling style.
  • Deeply designed levels that are filled with challenges and secrets.
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