GameSpy’s Master Servers are Shutting Down on May 31st

street fighter iii third strike online 04-05-14-1

GameSpy Technology has announced that effective May 31st, they will completely stop their hosting services for all of the games that currently use their servers. To put this into perspective, GameSpy has provided hosting and online services for over 800 games since 2002, after more than a decade later they are still a popular solution to developers trying to get their games online quick and efficiently.

GameSpy has powered a multitude of games across PC, home consoles, and even mobile devices – some of the more notable of the games they’ve supported have been various fighting game franchises like Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online (pictured above), Halo, Arma III, and even some older shooters that people still play, like Unreal Tournament. They’ve provided leaderboards, multiplayer matchmaking, and even log-in authentication via GameSpy accounts.

A lot more titles are going to be affected by this, while some of the ones that are still supported will be migrating to other services, like Steam’s client. While there aren’t any concrete numbers, you can imagine that there are dozens, if not hundreds of titles that will lose their online capabilities due to this shut down.


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