Free Builders of Egypt: Prologue Now Available

Builders of Egypt

Strategy Labs have released a free demo for their upcoming city management game, Builders of Egypt.

Builders of Egypt: Prologue allows players to get a feel for the game ahead of its Early Access launch later this year. This prologue contains one mission, and can be played as much as you want. The prologue will even be updated to encourage gamers to jump into the Early Access phase.

You can read more about the prologue here, and you can find the prologue trailer below.

You can find a rundown of the game (via Steam) below:

Builders Of Egypt: Prologue is an economic type of city-building taking place in the valley of the Nile. The story starts in a little-known protodynastic period in which you will be able to observe the birth of the Old Egypt and finished with the death of Cleopatra VII.

The most important aspect is the skillful management of urban planning by shaping the grid of streets, placing buildings and their mutual relation. Well-designed city will greatly improve economic efficiency which may convert into city income.

Diplomacy and politics:
The governor will face very difficult choices to be made in a constantly changing political environment. Costly expeditions, Pharaoh and other cities requests, military threat and a mixture of different cultures will be a commonplace. A series of wrong choices can cost the loss of trading partners and low interest in the city by settlers. Moreover, the total lack of obedience to the rulers may end up with a civil war.

Deity will be able to interfere with daily life but it will be done implicitly. The main aspect of religion will be satisfying the need for access to the places of worship, providing supplies for temples or organizing festivals. Neglecting this sphere may result in a dangerous social unrest on a par with e.g. famine.

Trade is the most important element in royal treasury. Without it, it is very difficult for economic stability built solely on taxes. Therefore, in the interest of the player, producing goods for export at prices that will be able to change dynamically depending on the geopolitical situation, will be required.

Builders of Egypt: Prologue is available on Windows PC (via GOG, and Steam). The main game will enter Early Access 2020 (via GOG, and Steam).

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