Frederick Barbarossa Leads the Germans in Civilization VI

Just in time for Gamescom 2016, Firaxis Games has confirmed the leader of Germany in the latest entry within their strategy franchise, Civilization VI.

The Germans will be led by the charismatic Frederick Barbarossa, who served as the King of Germany and Holy Roman Emperor for nearly 40 years. Featured above, you can view an introduction trailer for both the Germans and Barbarossa.

By using strong organizational skills and military intellect, Barbarossa fought for peace in Germany while also leading six expeditions into Italy in defiance of papal authority.

Here’s a breakdown of the unique unit and district the Germans have in Civilization VI, via Firaxis Games:

civilization vi 08-17-16-2

Unique Unit: U-Boat

The formidable German military submarine known as the U-boat was in a class of its own when debuting in World War I, featuring a size, armament, and carrying capacity far superior to any rival nation. U-Boats continued to be a major tool of warfare in World War II, blockading enemy ports and intercepting merchant and civilian fleets before they could reach their destinations.

civilization vi 08-17-16-3

Unique District: Hansa

A confederation of medieval German merchants, the Hansa – marked by their famous Brick Gothic monuments – brought trading communities together to protect their economic interests. The center of the Hansa was Lubeck, where representatives met to discuss how to achieve the healthiest trading climate. The Hansa allowed the formation of armies that ensured defense against piracy and other dangers relevant to trading routes.

Civilization VI is launching on October 21st, for PC.

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